CaPS Application Process & Approval

For Projects Costing Between $100,000-$5,000,000, the following procedures will occur:

Application Submission

Applications should be submitted to the Executive Secretary of CaPS for review prior to inclusion on the agenda for the next meeting. The Application deadline is generally the Tuesday by noon, before the Friday meeting.

CaPS Application to include the following:

Approval Letter

Upon approval by the committee, an Approval Letter signed by the Director, Campus and Facilities Planning is distributed by email to the division head or designate and copied to relevant parties. A project account is established with approval to proceed.

Approval letter to include:

Project Account

Capital Accounting creates the project account in FIS and transfers the full funding.

Project Closure

The Project Manager requests a closure by submitting a written application to Capital Accounting.

Upon a review of the account, particularly outstanding commitments, the project will be deemed closed by Capital Accounting.

Under spent funds are returned proportionately to the original funding source.

Change in Scope

Any change in the scope causing an increase or decrease of the original approved amount requires approval by CaPS.

The Client must submit:

Upon CaPS approval, an Approval Letter is issued and the funds are transferred to the project account. Should project tenders and subsequent contracts be significantly below the initial TPC, project funding may be returned to the Division upon receipt of a signed TPC submitted to CaPS.

CFI/ORF Funded Projects

The following procedure pertains to projects that will be funded by the CFI/ORF:

Authorized Signatures for a Capital Projects TPC

The following positions are authorized to sign a TPC:

St George Campus


For questions about an application or to submit an application, please contact:

Mariya Aksyonova
Campus & Facilities Planning
12 Queens Park Cres.W., 4th Floor
McMurrich Building